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Eccomar S.A has experienced staff who have proven themselves in the maritime construction sector having participated in the execution of the main projects carried out by the company such as:

  • Terminal Varreux (Port-au-Prince),
  • Terminal Sedren (Gonaïves),
  • Terminal LCS (Carrefour).
  • Cement Bagging Plant
  • Flat Storage: Reinforced concrete structure and Metal frame in Roof
  • Various Bridges: Reinforced concrete foundations and Mixed Deck
  • Reinforced concrete foundations – various works
  • Reinforced concrete tanks
  • Metal tanks with welding according to API
  • Assembly of grain storage silos

Eccomar is managed by a 4-member Board of Directors chaired by Mr. PIERROT SAINT-ELOI, who participated with the late Robert STRYHANYN ( CEO from 2004 to 2019 ) in the Construction of major projects such as:

  • The Haitian Cement Installations (Rehabilitation of the Quay and others, etc.)
  • Seafront Facilities (Beach and Jetty Facilities)

The Technical Staff of the Management Board of Eccomar S.A. is completed by the 3 main shareholders:

  • Pierrot Saint-Eloi, Engineer 15 to 20 years of experience
  • Ms. Eulia Alabré Eugène, Engineer 25 years of experience
  • Ms. Anne Claude Stryhanyn, Manager over 20 years of experience

Among other responsibilities, Board members ensure:

  • Identification of Projects
  • Direct contact with customers
  • Technical guidance specific to each project
  • Design and Calculation Assistance for structural elements
  • Choice of specific equipment
  • Choice of Subcontractors, negotiation, technical control
  • Verification of budgets and production costs
  • Staff Recruitment and Training
  • Organization and Logistics

The key personnel of Eccomar S.A. is made up of:

  • Engineers with between 15 and 25 years of experience and have proven themselves in the market,
  • Operators (10 to 35 years of experience) perfectly mastering the various heavy machinery essential for carrying out major works.
  • Works Supervisors
  • Qualified Technicians


Eccomar SA has a fleet of heavy and light equipment: Crane 30 – 45- 50 -70 – 100 and 225 tons, Backhoes, Breaker hammer, Hammer for driving piles and sheet piles, Excavator, Roller, Mixers, Power plant Concrete, Crusher and Screener, Metal formwork sets, Scaffolding sets etc…; if necessary we use the services of local rental companies.

Here are some pictures of our different equipment:

grue lima 70T avec marteau delmag D-12

GRUE TErex rt 30Tavec marteau manuel 2T

Grue TEREX 90T avec Marteau DELMAG D19

Grue Terex 50T avec Marteau Delmag D12 avec vibratory hammer hps 150
Grue Terex 50T avec Marteau Delmag D12 avec vibratory hammer hps 150

Backoes excavatrice loader
Backoes excavatrice loader

Usine a beton et malaxeur
Usine a beton et malaxeur(2)

Camions trailers et lowboy
Camions ,trailers et lowboy(2)

Dragage en mer ,une barge, un remorqueur
une barge,un remorqueur

banc de beton precontraint